Cerro Coso Community College

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Our Mission and Guiding Principles


The mission of Cerro Coso Community College is to improve the life of every student it serves. Through traditional and distance delivery, Cerro Coso Community College brings transfer preparation, workforce education, remedial instruction, and learning opportunities that develop ethical and effective citizenry to the rural communities and unincorporated areas of the Eastern Sierra. In doing so, we promise clarity of educational pathways, comprehensive and equitable support services, and a commitment to equity.


Cerro Coso Community College will be the first choice in higher education for the Eastern Sierra region, a source of programs and services for tomorrow’s workforce, a model for student learning, and a valued partner with education and business in its communities.


The values at Cerro Coso Community College provide the foundation for all academic, student support, and administrative services:


  • We are committed to student learning and achievement
  • We pledge to safeguard equal educational opportunities and promote student success for all students
  • We provide students with a clear set of course-taking patterns and provide integrated and equitable support services to help students choose a path and stay on the path


  • We encourage individual and collective creativity in a rapidly changing world
  • We implement best practices that facilitate and encourage innovation and success


  • We celebrate the diversity of each individual student, staff, and faculty
  • We foster community partnerships and the relationships we build with them


  • We model a culture of lifelong learning
  • We support local economic and workforce development in our communities

Strategic Goals

Goals and Subgoals