Cerro Coso Community College

Student Equity and Achievement Committee

The charge of the Student Equity and Achievement Committee is to lead and coordinate the college’s efforts to redesign the student experience with the goal to increase the number of students completing their educational goals while closing equity gaps. The committee seeks to integrate other success initiatives such as SSSP, Basic Skills Transformation, Equity, California Promise, and the Strong Workforce Program under the overarching framework of Guided Pathways.

Committee Membership

  • Heather Ostash, Vice President, Student Services (Co-Chair)
  • Julie Cornett, Library Faculty (Co-Chair)
  • Kathryn Bachman, Director, Outreach Services
  • Vivian Baker, Child Development Faculty
  • Dean Bernsten, Math Faculty
  • Ben Beshwate, Academic Senate President
  • Deanna Campbell, Director, Eastern Sierra College Center
  • Pam Campbell, Director, Access Programs
  • John Elder, Institutional Research Analyst
  • Melissa Gross, Counseling Faculty
  • Chad Houck, Dean, Letters and Science
  • Tyson Huffman, Learning Assistance Center Coordinator
  • Ryan Khamkongsay, Director, Institutional Research
  • Corey Marvin, Vice President, Instruction
  • Fabian Meneses, Educational Advisor
  • Rebecca Pang, Director, Distance Education
  • Steve Rogers, Math Faculty
  • Christine Small, Director, Counseling and Student Success
  • Lisa Stephens, Director, East Kern
  • Laura Vasquez, English Faculty
  • Justine Wagner, Student Representative


SEAC meets monthly, on Wednesday from 12:30pm–2:30pm in Ridgecrest/IWV MB 318