Cerro Coso Community College

Drive-In Game Night

Ever wanted to play video games on a 30ft screen? Me too! On Friday, April 30, join SGCC and student clubs as we play Super Smash Bros. and Jackbox in the parking lot.

How to Play:
Be sure to Join the Cerro Coso Discord and add the 'gamer' or 'Jackbox' role on the #Claim-Your-Roles channel. Once you've done this, join us in #drive-in-game-night. This is where we will maintain the 'next-up-to-play' lists for each game.

Join the "Drive-In Game Night" Pronto Group using group code: EKBC93

Drive-In Gaming Night flyer - April 30, 2021

Date & Time: 
Fri, 04/30/2021 - 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm
Ridgecrest, IWV Main Parking Lot