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Learning Assistance Center (LAC)

Welcome to Fall 2022

The Learning Assistance Center (LAC) is pleased to offer all services on campus and online. Below you will find the services available.

Open Lab

Exam Proctoring by appointment, call (760) 384-6161.

Available Online

Please visit the Cerro Coso Community College COVID-19 Student Updates. page for information about coming to campus.

Coming to Campus?

Please assist us in doing our part by completing your pre-screening before coming to campus.

You will be prompted to assist us with contact tracing (See COVID-19 information, above). An easier way to do this is to download the Kern Community College District App to complete your coming-to-campus pre-screening, prior to appointments. Should you decide not to download and use the application, you may continue to complete the daily screening webform.

Please request an LAC service via the LAC Services Request Form

If you are in need of a computer, please request one using the Laptop Lending Form

Have Questions?

Connect with a LAC staff member via the Chat function on the LAC Student Tutoring Canvas page.


Tutoring is available from trained peer tutors for almost every subject offered by the college. All Peer tutors have been selected by faculty and are trained in tutoring practices. Students may visit the LAC on their campus to make an appointment with a tutor or visit the Canvas tutoring page to request an appointment. Students should bring their assignments, homework, and questions to each appointment. Students should sign up for a tutor early in the semester to perform at their best throughout the semester!

Math and Writing Labs

The Math and Writing Labs provide an opportunity for students to work with math and writing faculty and peer tutors on a drop-in basis. When attending the labs, please bring your assignments, homework, and questions. The Math and Writing Labs are available to all students, not only math and writing students. The labs are great places to ask questions, work with other students who may be studying the same subject, and have the opportunity to work with your favorite professors and or tutors. Please check in to the computer near the labs with your student ID number (ex. @00######) and select “math and writing labs” and the course you are studying.

Math and writing labs are available at each campus

Computer Labs

Computer Labs may be used by registered Cerro Coso students for course work, printing papers, emailing, research, and online class work. Computers are equipped for study and for course work in computer, business, and graphic design classes. Printing cost is per page and students may purchase pages via the “Print Management” icon on the desktop.

CLEP Exams

Students may prepare for and take CLEP examinations in order to gain college credit for subjects in which the students can prove mastery. CLEP exams cost $112.00 unless the student is active military.


LAC Staff can be reached via email or zoom where available.

Kelly Potten
IWV Campus
LAC Tutoring Services Team Lead
Tyson Huffman
LAC Coordinator
via Zoom
Heather Bopp
East Kern
LAC Learning Center Technician