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Frequently Asked Questions


When is the library open?
The IWV (Ridgecrest) campus library is open Mon-Thurs 8:00am – 9:00pm and Fri 8:00am – 12:00pm. The library is not open on weekends, college holidays or breaks. Summer hours may vary. For hours on other campuses, visit the pages for ESCC Bishop, ESCC Mammoth Lakes, Lake Isabella/KRV, or Tehachapi.
How do I sign up to use the library?
Students are usually already in our system. If not, you will need to bring a photo ID, Student ID number, and proof of your mailing address and fill out a short form.
Can I use the library if I'm not a student?
Yes, you can register as a community member if you are over 18. You will need a photo ID and proof of your local mailing address. If you wish to check out materials, you will be limited to one item on your first visit.
Can I bring my kids and pets into the library?
Children under the age of 14 can come into the library, but only if they are supervised by a responsible adult. No pets are allowed unless they are assisting people with disabilities.
Can I eat and drink in the library?
Yes. Drinks should have lids to prevent spills and food should be contained to prevent pests, especially around the computer area. No food or drink is allowed in Room 631. (You should also be aware that strong-smelling food may attract hungry librarians.)
Can I buy books and class materials from the library?
No – the library does not sell materials, with the exception of occasional book sales. You will need to visit the bookstore to purchase textbooks, Scantron forms, and other class materials.
Are there meeting rooms available?
Yes, there are four small study rooms available for meetings. They seat 4-8 people.
How can I reserve a study room?
Let library staff know the date, time, and head count of your meeting or study group and whether you need a specific room. Study rooms are usually available on a first-come, first-serve basis, with the exception of any scheduled reservation(s) posted on the bulletin board outside of each room. Community patrons wishing to reserve a room may be subject to a fee and should contact the administrative secretary at (760) 384-6230 for more information.

Lending Materials

How do I find library books?
You can look up books and eBooks on the online library catalog by title, author, subject, keyword, and more. When you find what you are looking for, make sure it is checked in at your location and write down the call number so you can find it on the shelf. You can also ask library staff for assistance.
How do I check out books?
Just bring your books up to the circulation desk and we will check them out on your account. If you are a student, your account is likely already set up. If not, bring a photo ID and we can sign you up.
How many books can I have out?
Cerro Coso users may have up to 10 items checked out at one time. If you get special permission from the librarian, you may be able to check out more. Community patrons are limited to one item if checking out materials for the first time.
How long can I keep library books?
Materials check out for three weeks. Materials designated as “library use only” can be used for as long as you are in the library, but cannot be taken past the security gates on the lower level.
Can I renew my books?
Yes, you may call or come in to the library to renew an item for another three weeks, unless another patron has requested it. You can do this up to two times, and then you will have to bring the item back before you can check it out again. All materials must be returned by the end of the semester or they will be considered lost and a hold will be put on your account.
Does the library charge fees for unreturned books?
The library does not charge late fees. However, a hold will be put on your account at the Business Office until the item is brought back. If an item is returned damaged, or if it is not returned at all, you will be charged a replacement fee of $35.00 per item. You can either pay the fee through the Business Office or waive the fee by bringing the library a brand new copy of the item (identical ISBN) that was damaged or lost. See staff for details.
Does the library carry my textbooks?
This depends on whether or not your instructor has put your textbook on reserve at the library. You can do a “Course Reserves” search in the library catalog to see if we have it, or ask at the circulation desk. If the library does not carry your textbook, ask your instructor to donate a copy to our reserve collection.
What do "Reserve" and "Reference" mean?
Books on reserve or in reference can only be used in the library. Reference books are mainly encyclopedias and dictionaries, located on the low shelves in the back of the library for quick and open access. Reserve books are generally textbooks and class materials that professors wish to make available for the whole class. Reserve materials are located behind the front circulation desk, so ask a staff member for assistance.
Can I rent videos or music?
The library does have some curriculum-related audiovisual material that can be viewed in the library, and provides headphones and televisions for this purpose. Only faculty and staff can check audiovisual materials out of the library.
Can the library save a book for me until I get there?
Yes, you can place a hold on circulating books. Whether you want to be first in line for a book that is currently checked out or whether you want us to set one aside until you get there, you can place it on hold. In the catalog, click “Sign in,” enter your college email and password, click the title you want, then click "Request" in the record. Select Cerro Coso Library (IWV) as your location, and “Send Request.” We will let you know when it is available for you to pick up, and it will be held at the front circulation desk for 7 days. Please note that this only applies to circulating items.
Can I check out a book if I am a student at a Cerro Coso campus other than Ridgecrest/IWV?
Yes, you can request circulating books from the Ridgecrest campus.You will need to submit the online Interlibrary Loan request form. You will be notified when the item arrives at your campus LRC, but please note that it may take one week or longer for the item to arrive.
What if the library doesn't have the book I need?
If we don't have the book or article you need for your research, we can try to obtain it through Interlibrary Loan. We will let you know when we receive your item. Please be aware that the libraries lending the material get to determine the conditions of use, such as the amount time you can keep the book and whether or not you can renew the item. While we strive to borrow from free lenders, some libraries do charge for lending their materials. If you choose to borrow from these libraries, you will be notified in advance and required to pay any and all costs when you pick up your request.
What if I want to donate books or textbooks to the library?
Great! The library is happy to accept donations, but keep in mind that we have the final say in what goes into our collection. We especially appreciate current textbooks, magazine subscriptions, and scholarly materials related to Cerro Coso courses. Books we don’t keep for the library will go into a future book sale. For more information, check out Section III.B of our Collection Development Guidelines .

Computers & Printing

How do I log on to the computers?
To use the computer terminals in the library, you will need your student ID number (without the @ symbol) or your student email address (usually firstname.lastname@email.cerrocoso.edu) and password to log in. This is the same information you would use to log into "InsideCC". If you are not a student, you can ask the librarian to log you in as a community member.
Where do I get my login and password?
If you do not remember your login information, you can find it using your student ID number by logging in as "accounthelp@kccd.edu" and leaving the password field blank. If you cannot remember your student ID, you will need to have your ID looked up by the LAC staff in Room 704 on the second floor of the LRC building.
Who do I contact if I have trouble logging in?
If you have trouble logging on to the computer using your email, sign in under "accounthelp@kccd.edu" and leave the password blank to find your account information. If you are having trouble logging into your account, please contact the KCCD Help Desk or call InsideCC's 24/7 support desk at 877-382-3508. If you are having trouble accessing library online resources remotely, please see Accessing Online Resources on the library home page for more information.
Can non-students use the computers?
Yes, community members can ask library staff to log them in under community accounts. However, community members will not be able to print documents.
How do I check out a laptop or iPad?
Ask library staff at the front desk. Laptops and iPads can only be checked out to students and faculty who do not have any overdue or lost items on their accounts. You may also request a charger, mouse, or headphones. These materials cannot leave the library and you are responsible for returning them in the same condition. You will also be responsible for reimbursing the library if the item is damaged or lost.
How do I access the Wi-Fi?
On your device, select "KCCDopen" or "KCCDsecure" from the Wi-Fi list. A browser should open to a page requesting your student email address and password. If this page does not come up in Firefox, try logging in with Internet Explorer. Guests will need to create a temporary account with IT following the steps on the self-registration page link.
How do I print?
The computer terminals are hooked up to a student printer, which deducts funds from your printing account. This account is automatically set up through student accounts at the Business Office. Guests are unable to print at Cerro Coso.
How much does it cost to print?
It costs 10 cents per page to print in black & white from the computer terminals, and 50 cents per page to print in color.
How do I add money to my printing account?
You can check your account balance by clicking on the tree icon on any college desktop or visiting the KCCD Print Manager and logging in with your student email and password. Click on Balances at the top. You can add money by visiting the Business Office or with a credit/debit card. To add with a card, click Paid, add an amount, click Purchase Credit, click on the Shopping Cart, click Check Out with Credit Card, and follow the instructions from there.
Can I print in color?
Yes. It costs 50 cents per page, deducted from your printing account.
Can I make photocopies?
Yes. The photocopier is self-serve and copies are 10 cents per page, including any erroneous printings. The photocopier is not connected to student printing accounts, so payment must be made in cash only to a staff member at the time of printing.


How can I contact a reference librarian?
We recommend using the chat link on the library main page. You can also email us at reference@cerrocoso.edu. If you wish to speak to a librarian, you may call or visit the library whenever we are open, but do be aware that a reference librarian may not always be available to assist you.
Where can I find information on my paper topic?
You might begin with the library catalog , which lists both books and eBooks. Another useful resource is our collection of databases. We recommend starting with a multi-subject index like Academic Search Complete, but try several to see which is best suited to your topic. You can also view our collection of Websites by Subject, which have been evaluated by library staff for currency and usefulness. While some instructors may not want you to use web resources for research papers, these links can sometimes be a good place to start when looking for a topic overview.
What do I do if I can't find anything on my topic?
If at first you don't succeed, try different keywords! Use a thesaurus, try similar subjects, and examine keywords listed in other items for related terms. If your topic is too narrow, you may need to broaden it. If your topic is related to a specific term (for example, a medical condition), look up any variations that are used by professionals or the general public. Make a note of which seem to be used most often in case you need to redo a search elsewhere. Don’t hesitate to ask a professor or a librarian for suggestions.
If my professor says I can't use the Internet for my paper, am I limited to using books?
This will depend on your instructor, but the general answer is: Not at all! You may not be able to use web resources, but you can probably still use electronic resources, such as eBooks (found through our library catalog) or newspaper, magazine, or journal articles (check our databases). Many of these resources are simply electronic versions of print information, meaning that they are still scholarly, and will probably work for your paper. Ask your instructor or a librarian if you have any questions.
How do I know if a resource is "reliable" or "scholarly"?
Reliable and scholarly resources are typically written with researchers and scholars (like yourself) in mind. They are written by specialists or experts with credentials, and often include a bibliography of additional sources. When searching a database, you can often limit your results to "peer reviewed" articles, which means that they have been carefully evaluated by other scholars in the field. Currency can be an issue, so if you are researching a rapidly-changing topic (such as science or medicine), it is best to look for articles written within the last 5-10 years. If you are unsure about the nature of a resource, don't hesitate to ask your instructor or a librarian.
What are the MLA and APA styles, and how do I cite them?
Generally speaking, these styles dictate how you format a paper and cite the research you conducted for your paper. While other subjects may use different styles, these two are the most frequently used. MLA style is commonly used for the humanities, while APA is commonly used for social sciences and scientific subjects. See our page on Citing Sources for links and examples.
Will you help me write my paper?
No—we can help you find some good books, articles, and websites, and help you format the citations for those resources, but you'll have to do the reading and writing yourself. If you would like someone to help you develop or look over your paper, don't hesitate to visit the Learning Assistance Center in LRC 704 or call 760-384-6161 for more information.