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What is ILL?

Not every library can buy or store every book ever written, so Interlibrary Loan (ILL) services make it possible for libraries to borrow these materials from other libraries. If the Cerro Coso Community College Library does not have a book or article needed for research, the forms above can be used to request it. Consult the online Library Catalog before making a request. Please note that requests for textbooks will not be accepted.

The conditions of the Interlibrary Loan Document Delivery service are set by the National Interlibrary Loan Code, 1980 (adopted by the American Library Association), the California Interlibrary Loan Code, local agreements, and the regulations of the individual lending libraries

Although not technically considered an Interlibrary Loan, the book request form can also be used by students at other Cerro Coso campuses to request circulating books from the IWV campus. Reference, reserve and instructional media materials are not available for request or checkout to students. Faculty should contact the IWV library to request instructional media materials at least one week in advance.

IWV patrons who wish to request books from IWV should not fill out this form. Instead, log in to the library catalog with your student ID number, click on the item’s title link, and use the “Request Item” button.

Who may use ILL?

Users must be current Cerro Coso students, faculty, or staff member residing near a Cerro Coso College Center (including the campuses at Ridgecrest, Bishop, Mammoth Lakes, Lake Isabella and East Kern) in order to receive Interlibrary Loans or IWV circulating materials. Those residing outside of these areas must be willing to travel to a campus to pick up and return their materials. ILLs will not be mailed to personal addresses.

Community members (non-Cerro Coso Community students, faculty or staff) wishing to use ILL cannot do so through Cerro Coso. They must place their requests through their own local servicing libraries. Verification of current status will be checked.

How do I request an ILL?

Requests may be submitted in person at the IWV campus library or online using the form links on the top or bottom of this page. For speedy service, include accurate and complete information about the item, along with the source of that information. Accurate personal information must be provided as well. All completed forms should be processed by library staff within two working days.

Does It Cost Anything?

The Cerro Coso Library does not charge for providing this service, but some libraries require a fee to be paid for the lending of their books. If there are any fees required by other lending libraries, the fees must be paid by the requestor of the materials at the time of pick-up or before a copy is emailed. The Cerro Coso Library will always try to locate material at the lowest fee to the requestor.

Please note that due to copy agreements, some photocopies come free of charge, but there are many libraries that charge $10 and up for each photocopied article. All electronic copies will be emailed directly to the requestor. If the requestor desires a printed copy, an additional fee of 10 cents per page will apply, in accordance with usual Cerro Coso printing practices.

When Will It Get Here?

If Interlibrary Loan items are available locally, the average turnaround time is approximately one week; otherwise, it can take two weeks or longer to fill the request. The Cerro Coso Library will notify the requestor by phone or email when the material arrives at the IWV campus. Within two working days, the material will then be sent to the requested College Center for pick up.

How Long Can I Keep It?

The loan period for books is determined by the lending library and is usually two to three weeks. A renewal should be requested only when absolutely necessary. A renewal request by telephone or in person must be made four days in advance of the due date.

Books from the Cerro Coso library collection will circulate for no longer than three weeks. Renewals may be requested, but are granted depending upon whether the book has been requested for checkout by another person.

Where Do I Return ILL Materials?

All books borrowed through Interlibrary Loan must be returned to the IWV library. If the IWV library is closed, the book may be returned in the outside book drop located outside of the LRC building or at the main entrance by the east bridge. Distance learners must return books to the College Center where they picked them up.

Late return of materials jeopardizes the ability of the library to borrow from other libraries in the future and may result in fines. All late fines issued by other libraries will be paid by the requestor. Failure to return any library books borrowed from Cerro Coso on time will result in a "hold" and charges being placed on borrower records. Please make every effort to return books in a timely manner so that they are available to other users. Borrowers who lose, mark or damage borrowed books will be required to replace items at their own expense.

What Is the White Band For?

The white book band attached to the front cover must remain on the book. It identifies the book as an ILL and indicates the lending library, due date, and any other conditions imposed by the lending library. Lending libraries are able to determine any conditions regarding the use of their materials. Limitations by the lending library such as "No Renewal" and "Library Use Only" must be honored.

[ILL Book Request Form | ILL Journal Request Form]

Please address all questions about ILL rules and procedures to reference@cerrocoso.edu.