Cerro Coso Community College

Nursing Pinning and Capping Ceremonies: A Rite-of-Passage

Nursing Pinning and Capping Ceremonies: A Rite-of-Passage

As the fall semester wound down, Cerro Coso held three separate Vocational Nursing Capping and Pinning Ceremonies, symbolically welcoming 39 (11 Bishop/Mammoth Lakes, 15 Lake Isabella, and 13 Ridgecrest) student vocational nurses into a profession of service to others (pending passage of state boards).

The path to becoming a nurse is long, steep and sometimes rocky. The whole experience of being a nursing major is often an emotional roller-coaster. They cry together, laugh together, and share their stories with each other. But at the end of the day, they know the nursing profession is exactly what they were meant to do.

The Nursing Pinning and Capping Ceremonies signify the end of a rigorous and physically demanding program of study. Students, family, friends, faculty and staff enjoyed the solemn, joyful, and at times humorous ceremonies as instructors and graduates shared their thoughts and memories of the 12 month journey that was being completed. These students will have the opportunity to make an enormous, positive difference in the lives of people under their care.

“We are very proud of each of these students and the faculty committed to their success,” said President Jill Board. It was the perfect way to complete a semester of hard work and dedication.

Nursing…the hardest job you’ll ever love.

2014 Bishop LVN ClassBishop/Mammoth Lakes Campus Graduates.(left to right): Janet Matthews, Kelly Romp, Amber Rivera, Aleana Mullenhour, Carrie Crowell, Maria Vazquez, Breanna Core, Rachael Newman, Jennifer Lamadrid, Sheilah Brode, and April Virgin. Photo by Steve Dutcher.
2014 KRV LVN ClassLake Isabella Campus Graduates.Top row from left: Taylor Schwichtenberg, Ezra Arreola, Suzanne Mason, Kimberly Gonzales, Renee Whitman, Megan Harris, Denise Cabral. Bottom row from left: Stephanie Alvary, Lori Pena (Bollinger), Seyma Proeung, Angela Schallock, Robyn Parsons, Jacob Walker. Not pictured: Janet Downward and William Lambert.
2014 IWV LVN ClassRidgecrest Campus Graduates.(left to right): Sadie Nutter, Kayla Buck, Deana Fetty, Andrea Weidenkopf, Karen Armstrong, Jae Go, Menchie Schneiter, Luis Carrillo, Barbara Dolan, Shalene Hicks, Danielle Fillingham, Alexia Ingle, and Christina Jensen.