Cerro Coso Community College

College Honors Program Celebrates Student Success

L to R:  Pui Chan, Austin Ogilvie, Kristiana Ogilvie, Krista Kenny, Kirsten Carroll, Christal Hoang, Cameron La Brie, Lauren Ells, Jordon Smith, Beverlee Wood, Karina Sorenson, and Charris Gabaldon

On Saturday, May 9, 2015, the Cerro Coso Honors Program celebrated its 2015 graduates: Charris Gabaldon, Austin Ogilvie, Kristiana Ogilvie, Barbara Robertson, Beverlee Wood, Christal Hoang, Pui Chan, Karina Sorenson, Kirsten Carrol, Lauren Ells, Krista Kenny, Cameron La Brie, Jordon Smith, Jonathan Stanovich, and Raychel Limnios. The graduates, their families, Cerro Coso faculty, and fellow Honors Program students attended the brunch to recognize these outstanding students. Two $500 Faculty Honors Scholarships were awarded to Cameron La Brie and Kristiana Ogilvie, and a $1,000 President’s Honors Scholarship went to incoming freshman Jenna Daugherty (Burroughs High School) for her exceptional academic performance.