Cerro Coso Community College

Humble New Addition to Financial Aid

Humble New Addition to Financial Aid

When you first meet Jessica Humble, the new DA II in the Financial Aid Office (FA), she seems quiet and shy “but that’s not really how I am when I get to know you,” she said. She loves talking, laughing, and genuinely getting to know people, which makes her a great addition to the FA staff at the college who play a vital role in student success.

The FA staff at Cerro Coso work directly with students to help them financially secure their educations by assisting them with the FAFSA process or finding a scholarship or job, all while trying to ease student worries and fears about the cost of a college education.

Born and raised in Ridgecrest, Jessica took the normal “I’m getting out of here” stance after graduating from Burroughs High School and moved away for 4.5 years traveling all over: from Sacramento to Texas to Missouri, only to return to be closer to family and raise her children. “It’s a great place to raise a family,” she said. Humble and her fiancé, Ken, an airplane mechanic on base, recently purchased a home and now find themselves immersed in home improvement projects, “I feel like I live at Home Depot,” she said.

They have four girls: Sami (9), Madalynn (5), Emmalee (4), and Raelynn (2). The beautiful thing about living in a house full of girls is there will always be someone willing to dance with you, paint your nails, do your hair, share your clothes, and most importantly laugh with you.

In their spare time this family enjoys the great outdoors: camping, fishing, hiking, hunting, and archery. Humble spent the last three years working for S.A.S.S. a temporary agency where she says she learned a lot. She loves working at Cerro Coso and is enjoying getting to know the staff and students at the college.

Welcome Jessica. Education is not expensive. It’s priceless!