Cerro Coso Community College

Markham Takes Pride in a Job Well Done

Markham Takes Pride in a Job Well Done

Welcome James Markham, Cerro Coso’s newest Maintenance Worker at the Bishop and Mammoth Lakes Campuses. Markham has joined the staff of unsung heroes that keep our campuses safe and in working order.

Dedicated to providing safe, adequate, and educationally sound learning environments for students and staff, the Maintenance and Operations Department at the college plays a vital role in the success of our students.

Markham brings prior experience in building maintenance, having managed condos in the Mammoth Lakes area since his return 8 years ago.

A native of Mammoth Lakes, Markham and his wife, Tori, a teacher at the local middle school, are looking forward to having similar working schedules that will provide them more time with family, enjoying the endless adventures the resort area has to offer. The two have a 3 year old daughter, Emma, and a boy due the end of October.

Welcome James to CCCC where quality and safety go hand-in-hand.