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Paula: The Heart of an Artist

Paula: The Heart of an Artist

The Visual and Performing Arts Department announced the opening of a new show in the LRC Gallery at the Ridgecrest Campus titled “Paula – The Heart of an Artist.” The installation commemorates the art-filled life of Paula Caudill, our friend and colleague, who sadly passed away in July. Paula worked at the college for 19 years in a number of capacities, most recently serving as an Assessment Assistant.

Paula was loving and generous, made time for everyone, and could lift your spirits with just her smile. An incredibly creative soul, shefilled her world with the art she created and that of others. She had planned to retire from the college in December of this year and fully devote herself to pursuing her passion for art. Sadly, heart disease took her too soon.

The show in honor of Paula presents a confluence of her art work, personal space, and memorabilia. Artists almost never look at their work in the context of “the white cube.” Their work is born out of the chaos of the studio environment and the often random nature of their thoughts and studio processes. This is where their art work is most alive. An artist like Paula lived in her studio; that’s where she made her art, and was happy. She adored and collected dragonflies, was a precious friend, and will be deeply missed by her family and co-workers.

Dedicated to Paula, this show is a tribute to her work, creative talent, and the passion for which she was known.