Cerro Coso Community College

ESCC Road Trip to UNR

ESCC Road Trip to UNR

In an effort to encourage ESCC students to transfer to 4-year universities, Greg Kost, ESCC’s long-time counselor, planned an inaugural college visit to his alma mater, University of Nevada, Reno, (UNR) on Friday, October 2, 2015.

UNR is a partner in the Inyo County Superintendent of School’s Inyo Promise and Mono County Office of Education’s Mono Promise offering transfer students a reduced out-of-state tuition rate under the Western Undergraduate Exchange program.

Matt Hightower, Professor of Business and Computer Science, and Christine Abbott, Professor of English, went along for the ride, took photos, and provided snacks for the 8-hour round-trip drive. ESCC alumnus Brian Grevenskamp, a current UNR student, met them in Reno and shared his experiences. UNR admissions officers arranged a welcome for the 27 ESCC students in attendance, connected them with department representatives to tour various department facilities, provided lunch in the cafeteria, and offered opportunities to visit UNR students in their dorm rooms. Matt Hightower recorded the total distance covered on foot: 12,536 steps covering 6.52 miles and climbing 28 floors! Fortunately Christine Abbott had plenty of donuts, apples, and water to nourish students on the drive home.

Thank you, Greg Kost, for this fun and informative opportunity. We’re sure there will be many more students transferring to UNR next fall!