Cerro Coso Community College

Mather Brothers Inc. Helps Bring Back College Sports

Mather Brothers Inc. Helps Bring Back College Sports

Cerro Coso Community College (CCCC) has announced that it will be reinstating Women’s Softball thanks to a very generous donation of $60,000 over the next two years by Mather Brothers Inc. The college will also restore Men’s Basketball thanks to a $60,000 commitment in general athletic support over the next two years by the Cerro Coso Coyote Club. The addition of these two sports in the fall will help attract new students and provide more opportunities for local high school students.

Cerro Coso President Jill Board first shared the news in a communication to faculty and staff on January 25th, and announced the appointment of two full-time faculty members, Kimberlee Kelly for Women’s Softball and Tom Heck for Men’s Basketball, to coach the teams, and build comprehensive programs of full-time athletes with a focus on community engagement.

“As we add new students, we focus on choices that strengthen academic programs, create positive campus experiences, and provide leadership to support student learning and engagement,” Board said. “Based on our research, these teams best fit with our current athletic infrastructure, meet our academic and enrollment goals, and will contribute to the quality of campus life at Cerro Coso.”

Well known in the local sports community, brothers Thomas Jr., Troy, and Todd Mather believe expanding the college sports program to include Women’s Softball will serve the Ridgecrest community in a positive way. The brothers grew up locally and all went on to play college sports. “The value of the college athletic experience is something you can’t put a price on,” said Troy. “Participating in sports helps students develop good fitness habits, competitiveness, drive, and discipline that benefit them in their higher education, like that offered at Cerro Coso Community College, and helps them to become valued employees and successful businesspeople,” added Thomas Jr.

The brothers are excited to be a part of Cerro Coso’s commitment to develop well-rounded student-athletes that represented the college and community in the classroom and in competition.

“Bringing these two sports back after being cut in 2004 would not have been possible without the support and generosity of Mather Brothers Inc. and the hard work and backing of our Coyote Club,” said Board. “The addition of these programs not only benefits the college and students, but also increases the spirit of community in the area. It’s a win-win for everyone,” she concluded.

Students who take their academics seriously, have a desire to play college sports, and are disciplined enough to be part of the college athletic program, can secure their spot on one of the teams today. Contact Cerro Coso Athletic Director Kris Dickson at (760) 384-6148 for more information.