Cerro Coso Community College

Coyote Basketball Jump Starts Recruiting Efforts

Jonny Saavedra and Men's Basketball Coach Tom Heck

Jonny Saavedra, a senior at Tehachapi High School, is one of the first to explore what it could be like to play his way into Cerro Coso history by being a part of the newly revised Men’s Basketball Program. Saavedra toured the campus with his parents, met with faculty and coaches, and shot some hoops on the Coyote court before he makes his final decision.

Basketball is a popular sport locally and Cerro Coso is excited to bring the sport back. Men’s Basketball Coach Tom Heck and Women’s Softball Coach Kimberlee Kelly are working hard to recruit squads of athletes that are as talented and dedicated to their studies as they are to their sports. Bringing Men’s Basketball back to the line-up of college sports at Cerro Coso was made possible by the hard work and commitment of the Cerro Coso Coyote Club and Women’s Softball is being added thanks to a very generous donation by Mather Brothers Inc.

All those interested in playing intercollege Men’s Basketball and Women’s Softball for Cerro Coso are encouraged to contact the coaches or Athletic Director Kristopher Dickson.