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College Announces New Data Analyst I Certificate Program

College Announces New Data Analyst I Certificate Program

Cerro Coso Community College has added a new State-approved Data Analyst I Certificate of Achievement at the college.

The new Data Analyst I certificate program is designed to prepare students for positions in data collection, data cleaning, and data analysis and to provide a foundation for future training in data science and big data analysis. Courses will provide students with the skills to work with others to manage large projects, design and manipulate databases with SQL (Structured Query Language) and database management systems, write computer programs to access and manipulate data files and databases, and work with electronic spreadsheets and database management systems to create models and analyze results. The data analysis field is vital, competitive, and growing.

The Data Analyst I Certificate of Achievement is offered completely online and is 12 units in length. The following courses are required to complete the certificate program: BSAD C220 Principles of Project Management, BSAD C222 Problem Solving, Decision Making, and Computer Applications in Business, CSCI C251 Introduction to Programming Concepts and Methodologies, and CSCI C270 Introduction to Database Design and Management.

Background preparation for this certificate includes experience equivalent to or completion of BSAD 100 (Introduction to Business) and CSCI 101 (Introduction to Computer Information Systems). Additionally, students should have the ability to read, write, and do mathematics at the college level. Students should also have access to the Internet and a modern Windows-based computer. At this point, students in the certificate program have free access to the necessary software while they are enrolled.

For more information on the Data Analyst I program contact Dr. Matthew Hightower at 760-924-1600.

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