Cerro Coso Community College

Become a Web Professional

Become a Web Professional

DMA C111 Fundamentals of Web Development (CRN 70562) is open for Fall 2017 enrollment. In this online class, students will learn how to develop a simple web site using HTML5 and cascading style sheets (CSS). Students will also acquire a strong understanding of code validation and semantic encoding, and they will be introduced to microformats. This class and requires no previous knowledge of web development or web design.

DMA C111 is an entry course in the Web Fundamentals and Web Professional programs. Careers in the web industry are high wage ($28.75/hour median earnings in California), have high job satisfaction, and are projected for significant growth (17.9% in California 2015-2020).

Other entry-level program courses offered this Fall include:

  • DMA C102 Digital Imaging (CRN 70560)
  • DMA C107 Computer Illustration (CRN 70561)
  • DMA C131 Digital Video Production (CRN 72782)
  • CSCI C101 Introduction to Computer Information Systems (CRN 70552, 70553, or 70554)

Please see http://www.academy-webdesign.com for more information about long term class schedule, average costs to complete the program, and more! And please email Suzie Ama, sama@cerrocoso.edu, if you have further questions and need guidance on course sequencing.