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Admissions for Concurrent High School Students

Concurrent enrollment in college courses by high school students is a benefit provided by Cerro Coso Community College. This process applies to all students who are currently enrolled in the K-12 system, including adult school programs. Cerro Coso does not usually admit students who are below the 9th grade level. However, exceptions may be made for young students who have been or can be designated as qualifying for the "Gifted and Talented" (GATE) program. Students in the latter category must be identified and documented by the school district office, and then enrollment is restricted to those college classes that fall within their “Gifted and Talented” status.

In order for students to be placed in course work in a quick and effective manner, it is important that the process for enrollment is followed and that all instructions are read and understood by the parent or guardian, prospective student and school official.

Read the Concurrent and Dual Enrollment Student Handbook and Watch the Video

Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program: Handbook for Students and Parents/Guardians

Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Program Handbook

Programa de inscripción doble y concurrente Manual para estudiantes

Versión en español del manual de inscripción concurrente y dual


Dual and Concurrent Enrollment Workshop

New and Returning Concurrent Students

  1. New students please fill out the application form online.
  2. Returning students please do an update form every semester that you take classes.
  3. Meet with a counselor/advisor for placement in math and English.
    These are required for students taking English and math classes, but highly recommended for all students. Call:

    (760) 384-6219 at Ridgecrest / Indian Wells Valley / Online
    (760) 384-6395 at Kern River Valley Lake Isabella
    (760) 384-6280 at East Kern Center: Edwards AFB
    (661) 823-4986 at East Kern Center: Tehachapi
    (760) 872-1565 at ESCC Bishop
    (760) 934-2875 at ESCC Mammoth Lakes

  4. Submit a current high school transcript.
  5. Download and print the Concurrent Student Enrollment/Release Form.
    1. Student/Parent Section: Student and parent must complete all of the information requested on the “Student/Parent” section of the Concurrent Enrollment Form. The parent or guardian and student must sign this form if the student is under the age of 18 years old BEFORE the student will be allowed to register for courses.
    2. School Official Section: Student meets with a high school principal, counselor or designee to review student record and student copy of assessment results, if appropriate. If assessment indicates the desired course work is appropriate, high school official completes and signs the “School Official” section.
      • Grade Level: Indicate grade level student will be at time of the start of the course. The student must qualify for freshman (9th grade) class standing or qualify for the Gifted and Talented Education (GATE) Program. GATE verification forms can be obtained at the school district office and must be submitted with the Concurrent Enrollment/Release Form.
      • Grade Point Average: If a student wishes to enroll in a college class, he or she must have achieved a cumulative grade point average of 2.00. Exceptions to this policy will be made on a case by case basis, and must include a statement of the basis for the exception from the high school official.
      • Course Name: The complete title and number of the course should be entered here. NOTE: Students enrolled full-time in a high school program will not be approved to take more than one three-unit college class. Decisions to allow a high school student to take more than one three-unit college class will be made by the Cerro Coso Counseling Department on a case-by-case basis, and only after a thorough review of the student's previous progress.
      • Initials of School Official: Please individually initial each course being approved. The Cerro Coso counselor will consider only courses initialed. Enrollment for concurrent students starts on the first open registration date.
      • Release Approval: The signature, title and contact number of the school official is required before the student can register for classes.
  6. Submit the completed Concurrent Enrollment/Release Form for Cerro Coso Counseling approval. Once a course has been approved via the Concurrent Enrollment/Release Form by the parent or guardian, prospective student, and school official, the form must be submitted to the Cerro Coso Counseling Department for a college counselor or educational advisor signature. Submit your forms via your college assigned email to the counseling center to the closest Cerro Coso campus. For students who are not located near any of our campuses, submit your forms via your college assigned email to counseling_forms@cerrocoso.edu Subject line: @00#### (college ID#) Last Name, First Name – Dual/Concurrent Petition. (Ensure your petition is complete with page 1, page 2, and your transcripts).
  7. Register for classes. Please note that high school concurrent students cannot register for classes through their student accounts. Students will be registered by the Admissions and Records Office of Cerro Coso. Forms will not be processed until the first day of open registration. It is important to follow-up on forms that have been submitted to verify that they have been received by the appropriate office. Any questions or concerns may be directed to the Counseling Office you are working with:

    (760) 384-6219 at Ridgecrest / Indian Wells Valley / Online
    (760) 384-6395 at Kern River Valley Lake Isabella
    (760) 384-6280 at East Kern Center: Edwards AFB
    (661) 823-4986 at East Kern Center: Tehachapi
    (760) 872-1565 at ESCC Bishop
    (760) 934-2875 at ESCC Mammoth Lakes

  8. Resubmit a new Concurrent Student Enrollment/Release form and do an update form each semester you are attending Cerro Coso as a Concurrent Enrollment Student.
  9. Incomplete Concurrent Student Enrollment/Release forms will not be processed.