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College Placement

Assembly Bill (AB) 705 requires community college districts to maximize the probability that a student will enter and complete transfer-level coursework in math and English within a one-year timeframe by utilizing assessment and placement measures that include high school performance to achieve this goal. The goal of AB 705 is to ensure that students are not placed into remedial courses that may delay or deter their educational progress unless evidence suggests they are highly unlikely to succeed in the college-level course. Students should not be forced to take a transfer-level course if a college-level course allows them to complete their educational goal.

AB 705 (signed October 13, 2017) requires colleges to use one or more of the following when placing recent high school graduates into courses in mathematics and English:

  • High school coursework
  • High school GPA
  • High school grades

Cerro Coso Community College has established procedures using the Default Placement Rules recommended through the AB 705 legislation. Students will need to meet with a counselor or advisor to review their placement in math and English. Placement recommendations from counseling will incorporate the student's program of study and education goal. Placement will specify the specific class and make recommendations in regards to co-requisites courses or other academic supports. If a student has been out of high school for more than ten years, the college will use self-reported data or guided self-placement.

Have you completed an education plan?

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