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Registration Times

Priority Registration Order

Priority or early registration is given to Continuing Students who have completed the core components required for early registration. The core components consist of

Even if a student is exempt from these core components, the student may complete any of the components to increase the probability of academic success.

First-term priority registration includes assessment, orientation, and counseling/advising; continuing priority registration includes the completion of a Student Educational Plan.

Day 1-2
Veterans, Foster Youth or Former Foster Youth, DSPS, EOPS
Day 3
Honor Students, Student Athletes
Day 4-10
Continuing Students with less than 100 Units Attempted (excluding students on academic standing probation) AND Prior Year Graduates of High Schools in the District
Day 11-14
New Students not Included Above
Day 15
Open Registration

This table reflects a combination of State or Federal mandated groups, priorities that align with the College Mission and the goal of increasing student success and completion. Overall, students must have completed orientation, assessment, and have met with a counselor for initial early registration and have completed a Student Educational Plan (SEP) for subsequent early registration.

You may be given early registration status if you complete the following steps:

  1. Make an appointment with a counselor.
  2. Select your courses.
  3. File a Graduation Evaluation Request Form with a counselor who will verify eligibility for graduation and give you an eary registration time.

Early Registration Appointments

Students can view their early registration appointments via the web. See How to Check Your Registration Status for full instructions.

You may also inquire at your local campus office, or at the Office of Counseling, or at ACCESS Programs at the Ridgecrest / IWV campus. You may register at the time shown or anytime thereafter that the system is available. Your registration will not be accepted prior to the scheduled time. Early registration notification will not be mailed.

Registration after Classes Begin

All courses are closed for enrollment after the first course meeting. Late adds are granted for extenuating circumstance only. Examples of verifiable extenuating circumstances may be: accidents, illness, death of an immediate family member, or other circumstances beyond the control of the student. A late add petition must be signed by the student, instructor, and the Vice President of Academic Affairs. Documentation of extenuating circumstance will be required.

Short Term Classes

You may not add a short term/late start class by phone or online on/or after its initial class meeting date.


If a class is full when you register, you will be added to the waitlist.