Cerro Coso Community College

How to Drop a Class

Quick Instructions

Students are responsible for officially withdrawing from any course or courses in which they no longer wish to be enrolled. Non-attendance does not release the student from this responsibility.

  1. Go to InsideCC
    Portal Login screenshot
  2. Enter your Cerro Coso assigned email
    1. first.last1234@email.cerrocoso.edu
  3. Enter your password
    (8-20 characters, must have letters and numbers, no special characters—*&^%—and no sequences—abc,123,0978).
    1. fl258963
    2. firstlast25
    3. codeword789
  4. Select Registration Status under MyBanWeb from the top toolbar
    Registration Tools screenshot
  5. Select Term
    Banner screenshot
  6. Select DROP from the dropdown menu next to the class you wish to drop and click Submit Changes. Do not rely on being automatically dropped or dropped by your instructor.
    Banner screenshot
  7. Verify the class has been dropped from your schedule and click Complete Registration.
    Banner screenshot
  8. Verify the schedule and bill once completed and PRINT A COPY FOR YOUR RECORDS.