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Safety and Security

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  • KRV Lake Isabella 760-379-5501
  • EK Tehachapi 661-823-4986
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  • ESCC Mammoth Lakes 760-934-2875
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Title IX Coordinator, Kern Community College District (KCCD)

Tonya Davis
Vice Chancellor, Human Resources
Email tonya.davis@kccd.edu

KCCD Title IX Coordinator is the District’s official with responsibility for coordinating Cerro Coso Community College’s efforts to comply with and carry out our responsibilities under Title IX and all associated regulations, including the investigation of Title IX complaints. The Title IX Coordinator oversees and coordinates the actions of all Deputy Title IX Coordinators.

Title IX Deputy Coordinator

Resa Hess
College Human Resources Manager
Email rhess@cerrocoso.edu

The Deputy Title IX Coordinator represents Cerro Coso Community College. To file a complaint against a Cerro Coso Community College student, staff, or faculty for sex discrimination or any form of sexual misconduct including harassment, sexual violence, gender based discrimination.